The Smartest Opportunities for the Proper Condo

As a rule, a person who decided to become the owner of the house, has already weighed all the pros and cons, estimated his strength and capabilities and resigned himself to the necessity of constant care and hilling his future real estate. And also adjoining to it, propertyand territory. However, here begins the most important and most responsible stage – the choice of the house.

So, how to choose. Let’s say you have already decided on the amount that you can afford to spend, with the type of future housing (a house in a cottage community, a house in a suburb or, perhaps, a converted dacha). Let’s say you even imagine what kind of house the house should be and exactly where you would like to live. That’s where you have to keep your ears open, choosing from a variety of suggested options. The streets condos are important now. So you will have to be focusing there.

So, the objects of your close attention should be:

  • The condition of the house, its communications and the site.
  • Documents and their compliance with legislative norms and rules. However, as practice shows, checking all of the above contain a lot of pitfalls. Let’s start, perhaps, with the simplest – the state of the house and its communications.
  • Technical condition of the house, its communications and the site.

You can, of course, long argue that it is better: a good house in a bad place or bad in good. One thing is clear: we all want to get for our quality, reliable housing. The question is how?

“I bought, I came and live without care” – this is what most consumers who get the first house in their life count on. In practice, their dreams almost never come true. The house “turnkey”, even at the price of 500 thousand dollars, does not guarantee an easy life. Already in the first winter, electricity may be cut off, and then a gas boiler.

Alas, even in a state-of-the-art newly built and widely advertised cottage village, the quality can be limp. Since the low often professionalism of builders is often accompanied by banal theft. “Save” on everything and calculate the consumption of material is difficult. “Save” on the brand of concrete, insulation, brick and everything else. The mass of developers increases their profits at the expense of quality. You can save anywhere – on materials, laborand timing. And at the same time let the dust in the eyes of a beautiful facade.

  • Therefore, the purchase of a country house, even directly from the developer, is far from a guarantee of quality. What can we say about the quality of private development on an unknown project 30 years ago.
  • In any case, you will agree, it would be naive to believe that the seller himself will show you all the flaws. His goal is more expensive and faster. Therefore, there are two ways.

  • First – you personally check the quality of construction. The second is to trust the experts.
  • Self-checking the condition of the house, its communications and the site.

House condition check

It is clear that people who are versed in building wisdom are a minority. When buying a cottage, the average buyer usually pays attention to the place and the plot, the design and layout of the house. While the main “mines” are buried in the construction sector.
Next, consider the options from laguiole when choosing between cutlery with a natural brown horn finish on the handles, and those with lovely Oliver wood handles in a slightly lighter colour of brown.

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