Single Divan Beds, What Are They?

Because it is one of the most popular beds, the chances are that you have one at home. So, are you sleeping on a bed that comes in two separate parts; the base and the mattress, and can you store items in the base? Congratulations if the answer is yes. You have a divan bed. The divan base is usually made of a well-built wooden frame and is covered with fabric. It looks like a rather large box with a firm flat top although some can also have springs. In either case, the base is covered in a durable fabric which generally matches the fabric of the mattress. Here you can find a selection of single divan beds to give you an idea.

What makes a divan bed especially useful is the space that you get in the base of the bed. The base usually has four drawers, two on each side (but not generally at the head or the foot of the base, although some divans do have a storage facility at the base). The divans base usually comes in two halves, especially for double beds, king size beds or queen size beds. Single divans typically have asingle base. This makes it easy to transport the divan and manoeuvre it in and out of rooms and houses with narrow hallways and front entrances. The two halves are usually secured with metal clips to form a sturdy base. Divans beds are a beneficial and popular choice for storage as things can be easily stored and accessed through the drawers that are provided in the divan base. They allow a variety of bed linen to be fitted. Valences are a popular addition to divan beds as they completely cover the base of the bed.

The divan base either sits flat on the floor or may have castor legs so that it can be easily repositioned around the room, or there may be wooden legs. The completed divan comprises of the base and the mattress which is placed on top. Bed linen is then placed on the mattress in the usual way. Traditionally, divan beds do not come with headboards although they can be fitted. One other important point; divan beds come in a variety of types and styles. From orthopaedic divan beds to memory foam beds and hypoallergenic beds.

Finally, if you are thinking of having a minimalist bedroom, then divan beds can provide the required storage space, thereby reducing the need for additional bedroom furniture.

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