How To Install a Window Properly

I’m going to help you save the price of getting your window installed, and save you the hassle of trying to find an honest person to do the installation all in one shot. As you may know, if you ever had someone come to give you an installation estimate it can be quite expensive, so I’m going to step by step you through it right here.

Step 1: You’re going to want to make sure you watch the weather have a clear day free of intense wind and or rain.

Since if this is a first time for you it may take about 30-60 minutes to be all closed up from the weather.

Step 2: Remove the window casings inside and out.

For this, you will need a flat bar (the type of pry bar which is flat instead of traditionally round), and a hammer. Work around the edges of the trim gently prying a bit here, and there until it pops off. You should be able to gently pry it off and save it to reapply, or if your window is a different size than the original. You may need to buy a new casing to fit the new fiberglass window size accordingly.

Step 3: Next you will need a Sawzall

With a 9+ inch bi-metal blade in it. Slide the blade in the slot between the window , and the 2×4, or 2×6. Depending on which your walls are constructed with, and start at the top cutting through the screws, or nails which hold the window in place. Working your way downward till both sides are free. You may also have a flanged window, which when you take the outside casing off you will see the window is nailed into the house with. In which case you will use your flat bar, or a tool known as a cats paw, which haw a nail pulling tip on it to pull the nails of the flange out of the sheathing of the house. Now your window should be loose and ready to be pulled out of the opening.

Step 4: Clean any debris out of the opening to be sure the new window seats properly.

Slide the new window into the opening. (assuming the opening is the right size for the window which was bought). Take a smalllevel and sit it on the window sill. I t should read pretty close to perfect if not right on, or you will have operational problems. Also, be sure both sides of the window are level as well. Once you achieve levelness, and the correct distance in or out on your window. You’ll be ready for screwing it in.

Step 5: Place one screw in the lower left and right sides of the window.

There are usually pre drilled holes to accomplish this easily. Once secure be sure to have the front of the window right where you want it to be. Add the top screws one on each side. Stuff insulation in the top and 2 sides of your window (not to tight or the window wont work properly). Now replace your casings, or cut and replace new casings. Caulk the seams before you paint the trim, and Your done with your new window installation!

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