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If the garage door does not join, then the garage itself is no longer fully usable. For a long life and the durable comfortable use, the door should therefore be set correctly and regularly maintained and maintained.

Set garage door

The fact that the settings on the garage door must be readjusted, can be seen from the fact that the garage door opens only stiffly, even squeaking noises indicate that the mechanics at the gate is no longer running correctly. Which settings are possible and required depends on the type of door.

Adjust the swing gate

This door version opens via lateral lever arms with steel compensating springs with or without electric drive. In order for the gate to open and close easily, the springs must have a certain tension. If it is too high or too low, it causes problems when opening and closing. How the swing is set in each case, is to take the manufacturer’s information to the gate, as a mark for a correct voltage, the gate remains at half height in its position, without sagging or continue to open upwards. If a swinging gate is already getting old, then sometimes the exchange of peat-feathers can pay off. How long the springs last depends primarily on the opening frequency. The more often the swing door is activated per day, the sooner the springs have to be replaced. For the Garage door tune up this happens to be a very important factor.

Tip: Before the peat springs are readjusted, rollers and rails should be checked. Wear, damage or contamination can also affect the smooth operation of the door.

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Set sectional door

Sectional doors are much more difficult to readjust than overhead doors, and faulty spring tension can also interfere with smooth operation. For troubleshooting, the drive chain can be unhooked in electric gate drives. If the gate can be opened and closed well by hand, then the fault lies with the motor and not with the gate itself. Sectional doors are readjusted from the inside with the door closed. The springs are relaxed and then re-tensioned, corresponding markings support this process in many models. A well-adjusted sectional door will remain in any position.

Adjust rolling door

Springs are also used for roller shutters,incorrect tension is noticeable due to uneven rolling, stiff rolling or squeaking noises. Correctly adjusted, that is, with a uniform and corrects spring tension, is a roll-up door, when it automatically rolls up after opening up to half the opening height.

Tip: The operator of a garage is obliged to regularly check the gate system. Disturbances must be eliminated immediately; the operator can take over this part himself or turn on a specialist company. Especially for gates with electric drive, the second variant is often the faster and safer solution.

Clean the garage door and wait – this is how it works

A well-maintained garage door has a long life and works even after years still smoothly. The care and maintenance includes on the one hand the drive and opening elements, but also the door leaf itself. Once a year, maintenance of the door is recommended, then rails, peat springs, electric drive and garage lock should be checked for proper functioning. Depending on the material of the door leaf, this should also be checked regularly and cleaned and repainted if necessary.

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